Latest News
RustAdded Raidable Bases to Rust.
RustReworked in-game shop for buy/sell to Rust.
RustDecreased Loot table drops.

Development Updates

Development updates for server infrastructure. Stay up-to-date on current happenings with our servers to get the last news.

Plugin Rework

In-Game Shop Rework

Reworked in-game shop to include more items for sell and for purchase. This better facilitates the needs of players that frequent Raidable Bases and/or Dangerous Treasures.

Since we added Raidable Bases and Dangerous Treasures, the loot has been plentiful. There is loot everywhere for the raider to be gotten. With Raidable Bases spawning every 2-hours and big, giant Nightmare bases being one of those big ticket items, your inventory and storage boxes are sure to be overflowing. With this change, we will now purchase your loots and plunders at a reduced price. This helps with the new people and non-raiding types as well! You can run missions with Battlepass and purchase your goods on the marketplace using the rewards you have reaped.

While this is a truly win-win situation for our Rust community, it is worth mentioning the prices or items may change from time to time. Minor changes will almost never be posted in our dev blog but be sure to check in-game for the best current prices and inventory. We invite you to come check out the changes for yourself. Pop into the Twenty !nch Gaming Rust server and play with the new store and plugins we have added anytime.

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